Hummingbird Pollinator Mix

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Hummingbird Pollinator Mix

This mixture of annuals and perennials provides a bright and colorful array of flowers producing pollen and nectar through the growing season. Designed with specific plant species known to be beneficial and attract hummingbirds, as well as keep them coming back! Fall planting results in an earlier and longer blooming period. Early summer planting can be successful with supplemental irrigation.

Aquilegia vulgaris, Common Columbine       
Delphinium ajacis, Rocket Larkspur   
Dianthus barbatus, Sweet William
Lavatera trimestris, Rose Mallow       
Linaria maroccana, Toadflax
Lupinus microcarpus densiflorus, Golden Lupine
Lupinus succulentus, Arroyo Lupine
Mimulus aurantiacus, Sticky Monkeyflower
Penstemon strictus, Mountain Penstemon
Salvia coccinea, Scarlet Sage
Salvia mellifera, Black Sage
Tropaeolum majus, Nasturtium


Height Range: 12-36 inches

Seeding Rate: 10-20 Lbs. per acre



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